Pretty Fantastic Female Skeleton Makeup

Dissimilar to extremely popular design Rick Genest, whose face and body is truly tattooed to resemble a skeletal system, design Clémentine Levy’s skeletal look is ingenious. Generally, it is the imaginative repercussion of master comprise artisan Mademoiselle Mu and design picture taker Pauline Darley. The strong, scary search was provided for a post spread in ‘Ever Publication’ titled ‘She Has Waited Too Long’. There’s something both undesirable and alluring about these representations that is difficult to clarify. Exactly what has to do with style photography’s interest with mortality compared to ladylike excellence that is so enticing?

Via: dejoost

Model: Clmentine Levy
Make-up: Mademoiselle Mu
Hair: Sophie Haise
Styling : Valriane Dousse & Clmentine Levy